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Strategic business planning and management consultation to ensure your organization’s operations and growth are truly sustainable.

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I am a solution-driven sustainability strategy & management consultant focused on co-creating pathways that lead you and your business to a sustainable future. My purpose and passion are to help you generate transformative solutions that align with your core functions and elevate your business while reducing risk and opening doors to new strategic and sustainable growth opportunities.

Your every decision matters. 
Are you making the right ones?

The choices you make not only affect the Earth's ability to sustain life, but also the long-term viability of your business.


Tons of resources extracted from Earth

Globally, this year

The World Counts

Time left until more plastic than fish

If we keep dumping plastic

in Earth's oceans

The World Counts

Cost of not acting on climate change (US $)


The World Counts

Discover your impact on the planet & take bold action

Calculate Your Footprint

Calculating your footprint is an important place to begin your personal and organizational sustainability journey. But with the many environmental and emissions calculators out there, which should you use? Not to worry, I've done the leg work and selected a few of my top picks for you to get started with.

Offset Your Footprint

Seeking ways to compensate for your footprint? Don't know where to begin? No time to dive deep into strategic sustainability planning quite yet? Investing in carbon and environmental offsets may be the perfect starting point for you. Click below to explore a few of the highest-rated and broadest impact offset purchase programs available.

ESG Management Apps

ESG initiatives and reporting are on the rise and in demand. Managing initiatives and data, and deciding which frameworks to use and how to implement them can be seriously daunting. Adopting the use of ESG and sustainability management apps can simplify the process and help you track your initiatives and impact while setting your organization up for reporting.