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What is Sustainability Strategy

Strategic sustainability demands the creative destruction of outdated business models and the development of a comprehensive vision that aligns culture and core business functions with the foundational principles of sustainability. This requires transformational organizational change involving detailed assessments of all business activities, strong support from leadership, input and participation from all stakeholders, a long-term focus, and an unwavering commitment to continual organizational learning and adaptation.


It's important to understand that sustainability strategy is not rooted in managing straightforward economic or technical issues, it seeks to inform and influence behavioral and cultural change and build resilience. 


The key to developing, mobilizing, and upholding sustainability transitions resides in our ability to experiment, learn, and adapt at the individual and organizational levels. In recognizing the difficulty of implementing these changes successfully, we lean on the strengths of change management theory to structure the transition process and integrate robust, resilient sustainability strategies.


Change is undeniably difficult and some may feel that it is a threat to the stability of their established business, but we’ve come to a point in human history where failure to change poses the greatest threat of all. Strategic sustainability solutions offer the most promising pathway to the future. Let’s get started creating yours.

Abstract Background

If you run a business (or a government) as if the future will look exactly like the past, you will become irrelevant.
– Andrew Winston –

D. Corsetti

Organizational Sustainability & Management Strategist

So, how did I end up here? A long and diverse personal, professional, and academic journey led me to the field of sustainability. Starting in hospitality many years ago, I made my way into management and events, then transitioned into experiential event production. My academic background began with a brief fling in motion pictures and film, eventually leading to business studies focused on marketing and entrepreneurship.


However, what drove me to my current path was my decades-long sustainable lifestyle transformation  (yoga, meditation, organic local foods and products, EV adoption, waste reduction, reusable beverage bottles...the whole nine). I had been increasingly uncovering the devastating truths about the state of our planet and came to a point where I knew, without a doubt, that I had to become part of the solution. So my sustainable lifestyle and business foci transformed into a mission to cultivate strategic sustainability-driven solutions with and for as many people and organizations as possible in my lifetime.

Academic History & Training

Need a little help
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Let's connect to learn a bit about one another, see where your organization presently stands, and discuss where you envision it being in the future.

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